Upcoming Events, Workshops & Retreats

Yoga 12 Step Recovery (Y12SR)

We connect the dots between the somatic approach of the ancient wisdom of yoga and the cognitive approach of recovery models. A gentle yoga class with a recovery theme followed by an “All A’s welcome” recovery meeting. Family and friends of people who are struggling with addiction are welcome as well. This is a donation-based class and a wonderful way to connect with community.
June 22nd @ 5pm  Jai Yoga

Yoga and Art

At the Hyde Museum in Glens Falls. Practice yoga with me in a peaceful courtyard surrounded by beautiful art in this historic building for “Art After Hours.” Please register ahead of time as space is limited—stay tuned for summer dates as well!
June 24th @ 11am  Hyde Museum in Glens Falls
161 Warren St, Glens Falls, NY 12801 

asana, pranayama, and meditation: creating space + cooling

Pitta Balancing Class
This class will start with a brief overview of the qualities and characteristics of Pitta predominance in the physical and emotional body: how excess Pitta manifests and how to bring balance into the body and mind through an asana practice and breathing techniques that help to reduce Pitta imbalance.

We will practice cooling moon salutations and some floor work to create space in the body and explore how this can help to create more space in our busy lives.
July 13 @ 5:00pm Jai Yoga

Qi Gong Classes

Qi means energy and Gong means cultivation. We will release energy that no longer serves us and invite in healing and protective Qi to support our immunity and emotional regulation, connecting to the elements of nature to support our well-being. Movements will be gentle and can be done standing or seated.

Qi Gong for Emotional & Mental Clarity
June 2nd @ 5:30pm Jai Yoga

Five Animal Qi Gong Sampler
We’ll do a sampling of 5-Animal Qi Gong (Wu Qin Xi) , anancient Qi Gong form that’s approximately 1,800 years old — one of the classic Qi Gong forms made famous by China’s renowned master physician Hua Tuo.
We will practice the Tiger and Crane routines and learn how  the animals teach us to cultivate focus and alertness while retaining inner calm and stability as well as techniques to increase strength and resilience in both body and mind.
July 14 @ 4pm Jai Yoga

balance - qi gong yoga retreats in upstate ny

 Wilson House Retreat
June 7-9, 2024

If you are someone who is on the path of recovery from addiction, or impacted by family or friends who are struggling with addictive behaviors, this workshop is for you! We will dive into the topic of healthy boundaries, and you will leave with practical tools to start using right away to support you with creating and maintaining boundaries that will help you build a healthier relationship with both yourself and others. Movement, such as yoga and Qi Gong, as well as meditation will be included. Wilson House is located in the bucolic area of Dorset Vermont and has been a meeting place and community for people in recovery from addiction for many years. Please register for the retreat directly with the Wilson House.

Yoga Classes @ Wiawaka

Mindful Movement Sampler
We’ll start with some gentle yoga, both seated on the mat and standing poses. Followed by Qi Gong, which allows us to release what is not serving us, so we can access more ease in our body and mind. This yoga practice is accessible to all levels and can be adapted according to your needs.
June 28th @ 9am

Chair Yoga & Qi Gong
Yoga using a chair for support, with both seated and standing yoga poses to increase strength, balance, and flexibility. Followed by Qi Gong, with gentle movements to help increase energy and improve immunity and emotional well-being. Our practice will end with a guided meditation.
July 11th @ 1:30pm 

Healthy Boundaries & Self Care Workshop
Learn ways to set healthy boundaries with others and with yourself, so you can prioritize your well-being and allow yourself the time to rest and renew your energy. Together, we will discuss ways to find more balance in our lives and set intentions and practical ideas for self-care strategies. Bring your journal, and join me for yoga right after our workshop, where we will learn to embody what compassionate self care feels like.
July 25th @ 2pm

Gentle Yoga and Loving Kindness Meditation
Gentle yoga class focusing on stretching and releasing tension in the body as well as working on some strength and balance in standing poses. We will end our practice with a loving kindness meditation to practice being in the moment and offering ourselves the intention of kindness and an open heart.
August 8th @ 10am

See more details on these offerings at Wiawaka and call (518) 668-9690 to enroll.