Dharma Life Coaching

“The greatest teacher will send you back to yourself.”

– Nayyirah Waheed

Are you ready to make a change in your life? Recent stresses in the world have caused many people to look closely at their lifestyle, work/life balance, and satisfaction and ask themselves how to bring more ease and joy into their lives.

If you are one of the 90% of the U.S. workforce experiencing burnout and you want to change your job focus or career path, then Dharma Life Coaching is a great choice to help you make this shift.

Burnout often occurs when what we are doing for work or life is not in alignment with our purpose or what brings us joy. To discover your purpose is to realize the truth of who you are. Once you begin to discover this, you will recognize the importance of shifting your life to be in alignment with these truths and your purpose. Burnout is not just about work dissatisfaction but can also be present in relationships with self and others, and this is another area we can work on addressing together.

Once you make this shift, you will notice that you are not constantly striving and unfulfilled and stressed out. Maybe you are someone who has what appears to be external “success” but you still lack satisfaction and a sense of real purpose and fulfillment in your life. This sense of lacking can result in us seeking outwardly for something or someone to fill a void in ourselves, and we can easily be distracted and forget what is really important to us and what gifts we can bring to the world.

No matter what stage you are currently in, our work together will support you to continue your journey to your best self.

Here are some examples of what we will collaborate on during our work together:

Get clear on vision and goals

Understand obstacles getting in the way of growth and change

Create a framework called Dharma Blueprint to help you focus your energy and take action according to what stage you are in

Create and follow through with action steps and integration into important areas of your life

Catalyst Mindfulness Integrative Dharma Coaching

Coaching Packages

Currently all sessions are offered on Zoom.

Elemental Package

4 session, One Month Coaching:

This is a great introduction to the coaching process and an opportunity for you to begin to clarify your short-term goals and learn some essential tools to begin your journey toward growth and change. This is ideal if you have a specific issue to focus on.

Expansion Package

8 session, Three Month Coaching:

This option allows us to build on our initial work together and expand it so you can commit to reaching multiple goals and make bigger strides in your journey. You will have more time to embody your Dharma Action Plan and refine goals moving forward. This is a good package to add in yoga and meditation as somatic tools for an integrated healing experience.

Integration Package

12 session, Six Month Coaching:

You will be able to take a deep dive into the Dharma Coaching experience with this option. You will be able to strengthen your skills and refine your goals as you continue your path to living your purpose. You also have an option to learn a range of mindfulness techniques, as well as how the principles of Ayurveda can be integrated into your life purpose goals.